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LWR -  Sarasota - Bradenton


      All Mi-Detailer Ceramic Coatings include Iron-x and Clay treatment to remove contaminants. Next a single pass prep/polish to remove any imperfections in the paint.  We will then apply the coating to the paint, wheels, trim, lights, door jambs, grills, bumpers, and glass.  


     Additional charges for paint correction as any imperfections will be sealed in the paint at the time of application.   

2 Year Protection

(Perfect for Leases)



6 Year Protection

Includes CarFax

(increase value to vehicle)


Starting at $1200

Starting at $1600

4 Year Protection


Ceramic Coating

This is the next generation in protection and visual performance for your vehicle.  Surfaces coated become "self cleaning" - so dirt and water simply slide off.  The Ceramic Coating we use is MADE IN THE USA, has undergone vigorous testing, and has proven to be an exceptional product by large companies such as BOEING.  Mi-Detailers coatings deliver higher gloss, hardness, and water hydrophobicity and are offered with two year, four year, and six year warranties.  In addition we report to CARFAX to reflect the increase value added to your vehicle

Absolutely Stunning Performance 

Additional Services



Starting at $900